Ad Wammes, composer
Compositions: Wind + Unwind
On request by Piet van der Steen and commissioned by Stichting Orgelprojecten Nederland, I composed Wind + Unwind. It was composed in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Piet van der Steen as the organist of the Old-catholic Cathedral St. Gertrudis, Utrecht (The Netherlands)

In order to prepare myself and getting inspired, I visited the cathedral and worked there for an afternoon at the organ. I remember I played a D on the lower manual and heard that the overtone A (a fifth) was very audible. While holding this note down (drone) I instinctively played a D on the upper manual and alternated it with an A . I gradually speeded up the tempo (Wind) to a minim being 72 . From that point I introduced a melody of which each single note alternates with an A (the fifth). Later I added counterpoint, harmony, pedal, rhythm.

I repeated this way of development from bar 80.

From bar 243 the tempo gradually slows down (Unwind) to a crotchet being 63 at bar 251.
The music comes to rest and rises up with grandeur from bar 278 till the end.
Title: Wind + Unwind
Duration: 10 minutes
Composer: Ad Wammes
For: organ
Year: 2016
Published by: the composer
Price: 13,87
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